Load Cells

What is a Load Cell?

A load cell is a sensor that measures force, converts it to an electrical signal, and displays it on an electronic scale as a unit of mass or torque. Coti Global Sensors Manufacturing designs, develops and delivers high-quality, heavy-duty load cell sensors for a wide variety of industrial uses.

Universal & Compression Canister Load Cells

Our canister style load cells are robust and often hermetically sealed construction with spherical radius on one or both ends, typically with self-restoring alignment features.

Single Point Load Cells

Hence the model style name, single points are typically used in single load cell applications. The unique feature of a typical single point is the mechanical compensation/correction for off center loading.

S Beam Load Cells

S-Beam Load Cells are used in tension and compression applications. Wide range of capacities available.

Single Ended Beams

Our single ended beams are available in alloy, stainless and stainless steel welded versions. Our shear beams are very common and used in a number of applications.

Double Ended Beams

Coti Global's double ended beams are very common in tank/hopper applications, as well as truck scales. 

Rail Line Cells

The Coti Global rail line series is a great replacement option for rail line track cells. They are very easy to install and designed to reduce moisture ingression. 

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