Load Cell Products

We offer one of the largest selections of load cells in the industry. In addition to load cells, we also offer junction boxes, summing cards, mounts, cable, scale feet and many other weighing products.

Load Cells

A load cell, or transducer, is a sensor utilized in weighing equipment to convert the applied force to an electrical output or signal. Load cells can be categorized as strain gauge load cells, hydraulic load cells or pneumatic load cells.

Floor Scales

The floor scale deck is constructed of 1/4" rugged carbon steel diamond safety tread plate with a powder coated finish. Very durable and accurate given the four NTEP load cells that are included.

Load Cell Hardware & Accessories

Coti global Sensors offers many hardware and accessory items to meet all of your weighing needs.

Junction Boxes & Summing Cards

Our junction boxes are available in fiberglass and stainless steel. They can be purchased as an entire set with the summing cards or each may be purchased individually.

Tank Mounts

Coti Global Sensors offers four different categories of tank mounts. Whether you have a heavy capacity application or only require a light weight tension mount, we can help.

Epson Tape& Ticket Printers

Ticket printers and cartridges.

Load Cell Protection

Transient protection for load cells.


NTEP and Canadian certified digital indicators housed in durable ABS enclosures.  Equipped with a large easy to read LED displays. 

Tension Load Cells

Six different options to meet most tension application needs.

rd 100 Remote Displays

Remote displays in various sizes.

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