Coti Global Sensors Manufacturing designs, develops and delivers high-quality, heavy-duty load cell sensors for quickly and accurately weighing crops, livestock, farm vehicles and other implements.

As an ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified company, Coti Global Sensors Manufacturing load cells are expertly engineered, skillfully constructed and rigidly tested to meet your most exacting standards. Other certifications include NTEP Certified Load Cells, NTEP Approved Floor Scales, Factory Mutual Approved Load Cells, Factory Mutual Approved Junction Boxes and UBC Seismic Approved Weighing Assemblies.

Durable and reliable, Coti Global Sensors Manufacturing (should this be possessive) agriculture load cells perform in the most extreme conditions.


Delivering the right product for you

Coti Global Sensor Manufacturing (should this be possessive) load cells are widely used throughout the agricultural industry to quickly and accurately weigh:

  • Large amounts of grain and other agricultural products transported by both vehicle and rail
  • Silo contents
  • Livestock


What is a load cell?

A load cell is a sensor that measures force, converts it to an electrical signal, and displays it on an electronic scale as a unit of mass or torque.

Load cells can be classified in two ways: By how they generate output signals or by how they detect weight. Output signals include pneumatic, hydraulic, and strain-gauge. Weight detection includes bending, shear, tension and others.

Pneumatic load cells usually measure lower weights with high degrees of accuracy. Hydraulic load cells measure water, most notably in tanks. Strain-gauge load cells are affixed to support beams and measure any force exerted on the beam.


Providing top-quality products across the globe

Coti Global Sensors offers one of the world’s largest selections of load cells, from single point to double ended beams. In addition to load cells, Coti Global Sensors offers floor scales, junction boxes, remote displays and other weighing equipment hardware.

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