Double-Ended Beam Load Cell Glossary

Accuracy and speed are vital when weighing bulk materials on the production floor. Improve your bulk load measurement process with high-value double-ended beam load cells from Coti Global.

Featuring two gauge areas, double-ended beam load cells measure the force of weight applied to its center. That design feature makes this load cell type less sensitive to uneven loading. Double-ended beam load cells are commonly called double-shear beam load cells, and they are often utilized in heavy-duty applications. Examples include:

  • Truck scales
  • Bulk material management

Coti Global manufactures double-ended beam load cells in stainless steel and alloy steel constructions with high-quality electronic components. Because double-shear beam load cells are primarily used in industrial applications, they are designed to withstand adverse operating conditions. Other features of our double-ended beam load cells include:

  • Ideal for multiple-cell applications
  • 1,000- to 250,000-pound capacity range
  • Most models have a 3.00 mV/V rated output
  • Models with 2.00 mV/V and .5 mV/V rated outputs are also available
  • All are Factory Mutual approved
  • Most are National Type Evaluation Program certified 

At Coti Global, customer satisfaction is our priority. An ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System-certified company with one of the testing and measurement industry’s most extensive load cell range, our team of highly trained experts can identify the best product for your application.

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