CG-21 | Tension and Compression Stainless Steel Canister

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Stainless steel canister utilized in both tension and compression applications, available capacities 500lb - 100K.

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Grouped product items
Product Name Description Stock List Price Qty
CG-21 500 lb CG-21 500 lb..Stainless Steel Load Cell 1
CG-21 750 lb CG-21 750 lb..Stainless Steel Load Cell Out of Stock
CG-21 1K CG-21 1K..Stainless Steel Load Cell Out of Stock
CG-21 2K CG-21 2K..Stainless Steel Load Cell 5
CG-21 3K CG-21 3K..Stainless Steel Load Cell Out of Stock
CG-21 5K CG-21 5K..Stainless Steel Load Cell 3
CG-21 10K CG-21 10K..Stainless Steel Load Cell 3
CG-21 20K CG-21 20K..Stainless Steel Load Cell 6
CG-21 25K CG-21 25K..Stainless Steel Load Cell 2
CG-21 30K CG-21 30K..Stainless Steel Load Cell Out of Stock
CG-21 50K CG-21 50K..Stainless Steel Load Cell 8
CG-21 100K CG-21 100K..Stainless Steel Load Cell 3

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