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Load Cells

A load cell, or transducer, is a sensor utilized in weighing equipment to convert the applied force to an electrical output or signal. Load cells can be categorized as strain gauge load cells, hydraulic load cells or pneumatic load cells.

Common Types of Load Cells

Our canister style load cells are robust and often hermetically sealed construction with spherical radius on one or both ends, typically with self-restoring alignment features.

Our single ended beams are available in alloy and stainless steel as cantilever shear and bending beams.

Coti Global's double ended beams are very common in tank/hopper applications, as well as truck scales. The applied load is introduced into the center of the load cell providing symmetry loading via a clamp often with lift off protection. Capacities range from 1,000 lb through 250,000 lb.

Hence the model style name, single points are typically used in single load cell applications. The unique feature of a typical single point is the mechanical compensation/correction for off center loading.

Canisters - Compression
Canisters - Universal Tension/Compression
Single Point
Single Ended Beams
Double Ended Beams